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Personable Property Sales is an ideal company for those who are facing difficulties selling their property.
We offer you various options to sell your house fast, typically completing within 4 WEEKS, at FULL market value, with NO solicitors fees, survey fees or agency fees.

Using an Estate Agent is the traditional, conventional way of selling your house.
Due to our cash facility we can purchase your property in as little as 7 days with no large chains or chain breaks. You can also specify a timescale for completion, more suitable to your needs. After researching with due diligence, we will make you a market-leading offer with no hidden fees or additional costs. We cover ALL the legal fees with a certain sale at a GUARANTEED PRICE.

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We use the combined skills of our team, which utilises over 10 years of property sales experience and cash reserve. Our team endeavours on creating that win/ win solution for all parties to sell house fast, in order for you to move on with your life with satisfaction and gratitude.

Property comes with various emotions, but it’s time to leave that fear and stress in the past! It doesn’t matter where you are in the country or how complex your situation is, we have the answers and we’re here to help!

We treat each case individually and our main focus is to understand your needs and requirements, before making an offer. Your success is our success and we position people before profit. Our mantra is to find the solution to your problem and work with you at all costs and sell house fast.

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Repossession/ Bankruptcy/ Financial difficulty

Act now before it’s too late.

Repossession is definitely an experience no homeowner would like to encounter but unfortunately in today’s climate, this is very common. With cost of living increasing and unemployment still rife, not keeping up with your mortgage payments is highly likely to occur. Faced with this tough dilemma, some homeowners decide to ignore what is about to happen and bury their heads in the sand. This is definitely the wrong action to take because your credit, finances and reputation will be negatively affected for many years to come. Losing your home can be an emotional rollercoaster and going through the process alone can be very isolating and traumatic. Do not suffer in silence and reach out to the Personable Property team.

We can prevent repossession in a flash!

With our combined set of skills and years of experience, we can prevent repossession FAST. We move in an efficient and professional manner at all times, constantly putting the seller first, while working towards their needs.

How can we help?

Personable Property Sales can immediately offer you a cash offer and provide you with a positive way out of this ordeal. Our cash facility allows us to offer you a guaranteed sale price within 24 hours, which saves you valuable time and effort when trying to sell your home. We can prevent repossession and extract maximum equity out of your property in a flash. Our dedicated acquisitions team will firstly understand the situation and follow up by offering various solutions, to benefit you the greatest. We handle all legal fees and paperwork at no extra cost. It doesn’t matter whether you have little or no equity in the property, we can still make you an attractive offer and complete within a matter of hours.

Allow us to solve your repossession problem before it is too late with detrimental effects. We can prevent bankruptcy and repossession so permit us to assist you. We are here to help!

Divorce/ Separation

Filing for divorce or separation sadly can happen, but you are not alone. Seek support now and move on from the past.

Divorce or separation can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences to encounter. Unfortunately relationships do not last forever and this unforeseen event can happen at any time. On top of this adverse situation you now need to sell your property, which involves splitting the equity, making other living arrangements and paying off any outstanding debts. This can raise tension between yourselves and your family, especially if the process is drawn out over a long period of time. The possibility of a broken chain or sale falling through is still likely to occur, which is not ideal for many.

How can we help?

We understand that this may be a daunting process to face, but the Personable Property Sales team can immediately inherit those stresses and offer you a quick, lucrative solution. Our goal is to make the transition into your new life as smooth and stress free as possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you have little or no equity remaining in the property, we can still agree an attractive sale price and complete within 4 weeks. Personable Property Sales will guarantee you a completion date so no more distressing about the current market or restarting the process with broken chains. We are here to help, always putting the seller first. All cases are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

To find out how our services could benefit you today, simply fill out our form. Our experienced property specialists are on hand to assist you


The opportunity to relocate will fall through if you don’t move with haste.

A fantastic opportunity has just presented itself, which could potentially improve your life in numerous ways. This could be an exciting new job opportunity, immigration, a chance to fulfil your dreams travelling the world, or even a chance start a new life in another part of the country.

Don’t let time hamper your future.

The problem many sellers face when presented with this opportunity is the time it takes to sell, as well as additional costs like early repayment charges. Broken chains are a common cause for distress, especially when precious months have been wasted. Don’t feel restricted and stuck if you are in the centre of a declining property market with a lack of buyers. We understand that selling your home on the open market can be a lengthy, stressful process but let us be the solution to your problem!

How can we help?

At Personable Property Sales we can buy your home in as little as 7 days! We also cover all fees, allowing you to move on with your life with more money in the bank and freedom to relocate on your terms. Our team is dedicated to work with you throughout the process and give you that well deserved peace of mind. Time is of the essence and Personable Property Sales will instantly offer you a market-leading cash offer. We can provide you with a guaranteed sale and eliminate any chance of a broken chain or sale collapsing, in the later stages.

Don’t miss out on your relocation opportunity and trust in our experienced team to solve your problem!


The death of a family member can be one of the most painful experiences to face in your life. Grieving your loved one and preparing for life without them is now your priority, but unfortunately in this current climate it doesn’t stop there. The loss is now compounded with the finances and legal work to undertake.

Suffering bereavement and waiting several months to sell your property is not ideal.

There are so many headaches involved with inheriting a property by bereavement. The task of splitting the assets between family members or several heirs can be legally and emotionally taxing to say the least. The property would need to be sold in order to split the inheritance, but taking several months to do this, could cause further distress. As a sole heir you may also want to sell the property in order to pay the mortgage, funeral costs or any other outstanding debt. Our experienced sales team are equipped with a wide range of skills, to further understand your circumstances and provide you with a positive solution. The sale and completion of the property can be finalised in the time you require with no stress.

How we can help?

Allow Personable Property Sales to immediately inherit your stresses and provide you with peace. Putting YOU first is our mantra and our team constantly maintains respect and compassion throughout the entire process. We will offer you the valuable information you need and provide you with the best solution to your problem. With our cash facility we can offer you an instant sale with no broken chains or multiple viewings. We will work to your timescale and the whole process can be complete within a matter of weeks or days.

To find out how we could benefit you today, simply fill out our form. Our experienced property specialists are on hand to assist you.

Inherited Property

Not only do you inherit the property, you inherit the responsibilities, which can be very challenging.

Inheriting a property comes with mixed emotions and not every family member may want to come to the same decision. Family members (both close and distant) may be beneficiaries and can opt to have their money at different times. The problem the majority of sellers face while traditionally selling an inherited property is the duration of time it takes. There is the possibility your inherited home may need to be renovated or redecorated, in order to get it sold or mortageable. You could miss out on a number of potential buyers due to the property’s current state, which isn’t viable in today’s current market. Not only do you inherit the property, you inherit its challenges! Personable Property can offer you multiple solutions for this encounter.

The challenges and issues with inheriting a home continue.

The mortgage payments on an empty home still need to be paid and dividing the insurance, utility and council tax bills can be stressful to say the least. Maintenance will now be your responsibility and unfortunately boilers can breakdown at any moment. You have the option to make it your primary residence or rent it out, but the popular option for most families is to sell the property, pay off the existing mortgage and distribute the remaining funds to family members. Let us inherit this stress and put an end to this challenging chapter in your life.

Give us the chance to buy your inherited property and take over your inherited stresses.

We specialise in buying inherited properties, always putting the seller first while working with efficiency and speed. Unlike putting your property on the open market with an estate agent, there will be no more countless appointments, broken chains or large amounts of viewings conducted. We understand the beneficiaries may need to receive their money earlier than expected so allow us to provide this option, and you give you the peace of mind you desire.

How can we help?

Whether the property needs renovating or you are not achieving your desired market price, Personable Property Sales can buy your home in as little as 7 days and leave you stress free with no hassle. Our committed team will make you a market-leading offer, regardless of the properties condition and complete within the timescale that suits you. We can pay you an agreed deposit upfront and take over all mortgage payments and property commitments until the completion date. On the completion date you will then receive the remaining agreed balance.
Personable Property Sales can also buy the majority of the house and pay for the well-needed renovation, leaving you the remaining equity as a passive investment.

To find out how we could benefit you today, simply fill out our form. Our experienced property specialists are on hand to assist you.

Downsize/ Retirement

Maintaining a larger home is costly and takes great effort, which potentially affects your health.

Choosing to downsize is often a wise choice, especially if your heading into retirement and your not so little children have grown up and flown the nest. Living in a large home can be very costly with heavy maintenance bills, mortgage payments and general running costs. The effort of maintaining a larger home can take its toll on your body and mind, when you should be enjoying and slowing down in the later stages of life. For homeowners that are suffering from ill health, walking up stairs and maintaining a larger home can further worsen your symptoms and cause great stress and worry.

Downsizing is now a popular choice for all ages.

In recent times, downsizing to a more suited home is common for sellers of all ages and backgrounds. Making this choice will undoubtedly reduce debt and your monthly outgoings, leaving you with more money to save or spend as you choose. Selling your property for a smaller, more affordable home can help you release equity and top your retirement fund, creating more security for your future.

How can we help?

Here at Personable Property Sales, the mantra is to put people before profit. We will immediately make you a guaranteed offer and complete within a timescale more suitable to your needs. You have no estate agency fees to pay, which typically ranges from 0.75%- 3% of the sale value of your house, plus VAT. We pay all legal fees and valuation fees, which saves you money to plan for your future.

Our team is dedicated to work with you throughout the process and give you that well deserved peace of mind.

If you are struggling to move to a more suitable home, fear not. Our specialist team will help support you throughout the process and advise you on what actions to take.

Broken Chain

A common occurrence when selling traditionally on the open market

Broken property chains occur frequently when you sell traditionally through estate agents. If you are in a property chain, the potential buyer could pull out for whatever reason, which wastes valuable time and effort on your behalf. With our cash reserve and resources, Personable Property Sales can make you a cash offer within 24 hours and instantly buy your property.

No fees, no hidden cost, no delays, no hassle.

To find out how our services could benefit you today, simply fill out our form. Our experienced property specialists are on hand to assist you.