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Exchange With Delayed Completion

Personable Property Sales will agree a sale price for the home and pay the balance. The buyer and seller both independently instruct solicitors. On the exchange of contracts we pay the seller, the agreed deposit and take over full responsibility for the property. 

Completion of the contract is delayed for an agreed term, which could range from months to years. On the completion date, the seller receives the remainder of the agreed property price, which presents additional money and time to plan for the future.

Exchange with Delayed Completion has been around for decades and this strategy has been typically used with off plan new build properties. The buyer would pay the deposit, exchange contracts and delay the completion to when the
property was fully complete by the developer. 

Exchange with delayed completion can be extremely beneficial for many reasons. If you are struggling to make mortgage payments and you need to sell your home fast, Personable Property Sales can pay you an agreed deposit upfront and take over all mortgage payments and property commitments until the completion date. On the completion date you will then receive the remaining agreed balance, which will give you the freedom to organise and prepare for
your future.

Selling your property fast for a sizeable discount is not always the ideal option. You may want a specific amount of money to move on with your life, or you have little or no equity left in your property.

Sellers that are struggling to get their desired asking price, due to the current market, can receive up to full market value with our Delayed Completion.  


There is no problem we can’t handle and our team is dedicated to offer you the best solution, which may not always be the fast cash sale.


Mr Gardener put his property on the open market for £150,000. The property had been advertised at that price for over 3 months, with little interest. His outstanding mortgage was £130,000 and he was advised to lower his asking price to £135,000 in order to generate interest in today’s current climate. With careful consideration, he realised he would be left with little profit or even the possibility of owing money, after paying the legal and agency fees.

Mr Gardener contacted us and explained his current dilemma. He granted us permission to buy his property for £150,000 within the next 5 years. In the meantime, we agreed to give Mr Gardener a £10,000 deposit upfront and take over his monthly mortgage repayments up until completion. This allowed Mr Gardener to swiftly move on with his life without the stress, plus extra money in his bank account.


To find out how our Delayed Completion could benefit you today, simply fill out our form or call us today. Our experienced property specialists are on hand to assist you.

How does it work?

Fill in your details on our website or speak to one of our property specialists.

We respond to your enquiry and present an offer that works best for you.

Our Acquisitions Manager will visit your home (at no cost) to further understand your situation and the condition of the property.

Once offer is accepted, solicitors will be instructed. They will clearly inform you throughout the entire process.

As agreed, all payments are sent directly into your bank account and the sale is completed.

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